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Launches Saturday, January 6th!

Fearless Faith Radio Show

The Fearless Faith Radio Show follows Mary Grothe's path as a Christian Executive in Corporate America. She shares the highs and lows, provides scripture and teaching, and then interviews influential guests walking the talk.

Christians in the workplace face alarming challenges and trials. Their hearts are tested and shaken by the complexities of the professional realm, where ethical dilemmas and moral quandaries often arise. The Bible warns that the enemy lurks and seeks to benefit from our vulnerabilities and sow conflict in our lives. Within this spiritual battlefield of the workplace, Christians must navigate, stand firm in our faith, and rely on the strength and wisdom imparted by our beliefs.

I face this scenario every day. My tests have become my testimony, and now, the Lord is putting me onto a big stage where I can reach millions of people. Crawford Broadcasting is home to many Christian Talk stations, and I host a Saturday show in the Colorado and Alabama markets, with plans to expand to 3-4 markets before the year’s end. It's also produced as a podcast, and there is a live stream, so anyone, anywhere, can listen.

It’s called Fearless Faith, and the show caters to Christians like me who yearn for deeper spiritual fulfillment, seek proper discipleship in their professional lives, and want to bridge the gap on their journey to becoming fulfilled followers of Christ, striving to integrate their faith into all aspects of their lives, both at home and in the workplace.

When we as Christians don’t armor up and don’t bring the Holy Spirit to work, we become susceptible to our flesh-driven ego that worships earthly success, fame, money, titles, and recognition. We can fully thrive in the workplace, positively impact everyone we encounter, and cause a tremendous snowball effect of love and light!

The Fearless Faith Radio Show follows my path as a Christian Executive in Corporate America. I share the highs and lows, provide scripture and teaching, and then interview influential guests walking the talk. I aim to help fill the disciple gap for Christians in the workplace by creating powerful and real weekly lessons we can learn from and implement.

- Mary Grothe, Host

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