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Your attendees will thank you for booking Mary on the main stage or breakout session. She captures their attention immediately and keeps them engaged throughout. All sessions include a workbook that attendees feverishly complete. Mary has sat through dozens of poorly constructed sessions with non-engaging speakers and non-relevant topics with no actionable takeaways. She knows what NOT to do. She ensures your audience is engaged, participatory, and is able to implement several key takeaways immediately following the event.

She conducts extensive pre-training interviews with your key stakeholders to learn your business inside and out, learn the key sales and revenue challenges that need attention, and delivers an easy-to-follow session that your attendees will rave about because it’s relevant to them, their market, their buyer, their competition, their product/ service, and what they hope to achieve in the next coming months.



Selecting dynamite speakers with exceptional business acumen is critical for an engaging panel session. Mary brings energy, passion, and extensive revenue scaling knowledge to panels. The audience will look up from their phones as soon as she begins speaking and attendees will start taking notes! With her versatile background in all business functions, she can speak to operations, finance, sales, marketing, product, technology, emotional intelligence, behavioral intelligence, and scaling companies.


Mary founded her consulting firm Butterfly Creative, LLC in October of 2011. She started with two start-ups and helped build their business models from the ground up. Over the following year, she helped 36 businesses build or rebuild profitable companies by following her process, outlined in her book Extreme Business Building: From Concept to Profit in 60 Days. To expand her firm, she began teaching business building classes at the Innovation Pavilion in Centennial, CO and created a youth and teen version of the program.

In 2017, she began piloting her new brand, Sales BQ® , and focused on companies between $1M – $50M. With the behavioral quotient and revenue scaling models as the foundation of the firm, her team has grown to 8 full-time employees, 3 contractors, and has served 42 companies in the past 12 months; some doubling and even tripling revenues.



Mary began her professional career at age 22, working with a Fortune 1000 Payroll/HR company. Starting at just $13/hour in an admin role, she quickly acquired the skills, education, and training required to advance into mid-market sales. Mary found her sales success by listening to her clients and always solving their needs; putting their agenda before hers. Even in times when her sales approach was the direct inverse of what corporate was enforcing, she knew in her heart what was right, leveraging emotional, intellectual, and behavioral intelligence. With multiple TOP 10  finishes and millions in revenue sold, she left to pursue a journey understanding the Human Behavior Intelligence that drives high growth sales and is now dedicating her professional career to helping companies drive growth.

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