• Mary Grothe

You Can't Give Your Life More Time

You can’t give your life more time. In fact, none of us know how much time we have here.

It’s time we all give our time more life.

Let’s unpack this. It’s a new year, and 2020 brought mixed experiences for most of us. I am personally tired of hearing that it was the worst year ever and that we should all just move on.

2020 was the best year of my life and I’m proud to be thankful for it, even when most everyone else is still complaining about it. FYI - you can’t change it, but you can control how you react to it and everything else in life. For those of you who truly experienced tremendous loss and terrible experiences, you’re exempt from my comments, and you know who you are. We all have terrible experiences and losses at some point in our lives - and if yours were timed with 2020, I know you’re speaking to those challenges and not speaking with the masses on the woe is me of generic hardship. (ok, end of the disclaimer)

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Charles R. Swindoll

Knowing this, are you truly willing to have 90% of your life and your time on this planet be filled with negativity, hurt, pain, frustration, anxiety, and fear? Or are you willing to NOT react and instead, respond with forgiveness, grace, love, and kindness? This was a transition I made a few years ago. I used to be so reactive and so angry with life, even though I was generally a nice and optimistic person on the outside. On the inside, a battle raged. I could never turn off my brain. I focused on everyone and everything and all that was wrong.

This was sucking the life out of me and stealing my joy.

But a few years ago, I changed my heart and my mindset and my life has never been better.

Thanks to the pandemic shut-down, God helped me reprioritize my life and rebuild my relationships with my family and rebuild my company, resulting in a full name change and rebrand, to better align with serving Him, our team, and our clients.

All these activities helped me realize that I was just living the day to day, stressed, and ultimately unhappy, even though I would “outwardly” be happy. Internally? I was a mess. And those feelings were stealing the time I have on this planet.

I watched two of my friends lose their husbands, one of them at a very young age, and one, although older, who still had YEARS left of life to give for his family, his company, and his community. Then again a month ago, I learned of another CEO friend who passed away at just 46 years old.

PEOPLE. None of us know when our last day or our last minute is here on earth.

What are you doing to ensure every minute of every day has as much life in it as possible?

What are your commitments to living?

News flash. Your life is going to keep happening whether you’re showing up for it or not.

The hours, days, and years keep passing. Are you present? Are you contributing? Are you loving others? Are you investing in others? If you die today, what will you leave behind? What is your legacy? What will people say and remember about you?

YOU have an opportunity to be the light… to bring wisdom, love, and all the fruits of the Spirit into the lives of the people around you.

As a CEO, I shifted several components of my leadership style over the past year to ensure I was loving first… both my team members and our clients. I removed my wicked, judgemental, self-serving thoughts, words, and actions from my entire being and truly adopted a SERVE first mentality. I removed perceptions, negative thoughts, and started to invest time, energy, and heart into coaching, mentoring, and leading our internal team members and serving our clients’ hearts and dreams first. Sound mushy? I don’t care. The results have been out of this world.

Turns out, when you spend your time ‘loving your neighbor’ (Mark 12:31), yet having the discernment to know when to separate ties and relationships with the wicked (Proverbs 4:14), the quality of your life dramatically increases. When the stress, anxiety, negativity, fear, and frustration no longer exist inside of you, it feels as though you immediately have more time, more energy, more focus, and more love in your heart.

Spend your time wisely, my friends. We’ve been asked to further His kingdom while on earth. I promise you, we can truly experience Heaven on earth if we’re willing to believe it, receive it, and give it to others.

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