• Mary Grothe

The shift in me.

Last month, I stepped outside my comfort zone with (over)-confidence that I could conquer something that most people would agree, is one of the hardest things they’d ever be asked to do.

And it didn’t go as planned.

In fact, I fell short. But rather than give up, concede, or admit failure, I decided to do what I do best. Figure it out, adapt, and persevere.

I fell in love with a non-profit’s mission to graduate families out of poverty, forever abolishing their cycle of poverty, and agreed to have our House of Revenue team help them scale from 1 location to 4. I recorded a video with a true, heartfelt story. We launched the campaign on social media and with our newsletter.

I thought I knew a thing or two about asking people for money.

However, our initial raise was far less than I imagined it would be. I was over-confident and realized my sales skills are better suited for selling and product or service and not fundraising!

We are all so thankful for the 18 people who donated to this mission out of the gate, knowing very little about our project, and committing to helping us!

What was my shift?

I realized that leading by example and telling the real story behind why this project matters may have been the missing piece. I am going to share a little more about this project and what has happened in the past 3 weeks since we have been engaged with CrossPurpose.

I had a terrible upbringing.

Growing up as the youngest of four in a family full of alcoholism and abuse forever shaped my life. I can trace back most of my competitive drive and ability to conquer just about anything, to the survival skills I had to learn at a young age. I am completely at peace with my past and have forgiven my parents, so no ill will there. And I love who I am and I know I wouldn’t be me without that past. But what stands out for me is looking back at age 22, I was a college dropout, married to an abusive man, and I literally had nothing going for me. Nothing. No future. The life I was living should have landed me in jail or 6 feet under.

But by the grace of God, I was standing there, at age 22, with a fire inside of me feeling destined for a greater life but I had no idea where to find it or how to get there.

I interviewed with a Fortune 1000 payroll & HR company and they gave me the job. The sales manager looked at me in a way no one had before. He saw something in me I couldn’t see in myself. He saw potential in me. I saw nothing but destruction and failure.

At $13 per hour, I gleefully joined that company as a sales admin.

I excelled in the role. I was so determined to “make it” in life. I was on a team with 4 high-powered, talented, and successful women so modeled a future version of myself I didn’t even know I could be.

Everyone on that team breathed life into me and helped me mature and grow.

I was promoted onto the sales team after 2 years. I became the number one rep in 30 days.

My earnings went from $27,040 per year to $200,000+ per year. My life was forever changed. Although I still had a decade in front of me to learn how to heal and fully transform out of my old life and old way of being, I was finally on the path all because ONE PERSON SAW SOMETHING IN ME and gave me an opportunity.

That’s what CrossPurpose does. For 200 people per year. People who have tough backgrounds, stories that will make you cry, who against all odds are still fighting and searching for their path to the future version of themselves. The participants in the program are called Leaders. Not students, or anything else. Leaders. From day one in the program, they are valued and treated as a leader in their life, their community, and are on their path to a real career. Not another minimum wage dead-end job.

I want you to know what our team has done so far with CrossPurpose.

We conducted our kickoff meeting on February 23rd and then spent two weeks in deep-dive meetings with all team members, attempting to identify every gap that is holding them back from scaling to 4 locations.

Our team uncovered 108 areas in their business that we are committed to solving and supercharging their enhance their brand in an effort to more recruit people into their program, align with more community partners, donors, volunteers, and employers.

You’d think there would be a line out the door for participants for this program, but they’re not. Poverty can be cured, but it starts by even understanding or identifying there’s a way out - that message needs to be heard by all of our neighbors here in Denver and soon to be Englewood (new location opening in September 2021).

I watched our House of Revenue team deliver a 3-hour gap analysis to the CrossPurpose exec team last week, and I was blown away. Quina, Trey, Brad, and Sarah delivered those 108 gap opportunities with so much passion and professionalism, each identifying and explaining the roadmap of how to bridge the gap between the current way and ideal new way, which will allow CP to scale to four locations. My heart was bursting with pride watching them in action and I know the CP team felt the same way.

As I write this blog, we have raised nearly $18,000. I want to share the project plan with you so you can see what our team is committing to over the next 5 months (see the project plan here).

We have removed our margin from this engagement and are doing this work “at cost”. Please be sure to view the bottom totals to see where our financial gaps are and please consider:

  1. Expanding your donation, if you’ve already donated.

  2. Donating, if you haven’t yet.

  3. Asking your corporation/employer to get involved and donate to their future potential workforce!

  4. Share, share, share. Sharing this campaign will help drive significant awareness.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You can volunteer. You can refer people to CrossPurpose. You can bring your social capital and connections. You can bring employer relationships for those ready to grow their team.

Thank you all for your support and for joining us on this journey.

I promise to learn and improve as I continue to fundraise. I’m open to anyone’s feedback on how to fundraise and how to adjust my approach to get stronger engagement from our community. I am figuring this out as I go and I figured I’d shift my approach to see if it would help you all see my heart and understand why I am passionate about this project.

To give: www.crosspurpose.org/houseofrevenue.

Founder & CEO

House of Revenue


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