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Reflection & Commitment

As we wind down the year, many of us begin to reflect. For me, I have been reflecting consistently this year, sometimes multiple times per day. Reflection is a gift. Many people have told me to start journaling… I probably should. It would be fun to go back and read previous thoughts, ideas, and situations. Thankfully, most of my personal life is captured in our Light in the Marketplace podcast and this blog. However, a commitment for me in 2021 will be to start journaling!

I have been quiet on the blog for the past 2 months. There was so much hatred in our world during the election season and I chose to not be a part of social media conversations. Choosing to stay silent during a period of time is actually ok, contrary to what some have said. I did my part. I voted. But I chose not to subject myself to hate.

In the past 2 months, we made a big decision. We decided to sell the 35-acre farm property that we were renovating. The raw, 12-minute story is on our Light in the Marketplace episode #5. You can listen to it here. The short snippet is that God doesn’t mess around and those willing to seek Him, abide by His will, and commit their plans to Him (Proverbs 16:3) will experience joy and wealth like nothing you could experience in this world. It’s supernatural. It’s a feeling of peace and unending joy, higher than any high you could achieve with what’s available to us in this world. He is worthy of all my praise for what He did for us and continues to do.

I encourage you to listen to the podcast - it’s 40 minutes long, but the first 12 minutes will tell you everything that happened!

Also during the past 2 months, I made commitments to addressing my physical and mental health. I turned 37 and had one of those I’m not getting any younger moments and realized that I need to clean up my eating habits, create and stick to a workout routine, refresh my wardrobe, read more, create quiet time away from my phone, work, and social media to spend more intentional time with my family. It’s incredible how much has shifted for me in a short time.

I also committed to deeper mentorship and development for my team members at my company and digging deeper into our purpose. When I started realigning our company’s mission to our God-given purpose and talents, I started to hear Him and feel that our company name and reputation needed to shift, as we were not properly understood by the market.

Our company name, Sales BQ®, immediately makes people think we are sales trainers and sales consultants. Not a bad thing. It’s how we got our start! But we have evolved greatly over the past 3 years in business. Our clients have pushed us in the best ways. As their problem sets grew this year in the pandemic, we made a decision to show up, get creative, and help them solve all their revenue challenges, regardless of how new they were to us. Not many people in our lifetime have had to navigate a pandemic or election year like this. The double whammy has affected businesses greatly, especially those we serve, between $5M - $20M. Our clients trusted us to help them survive this year… and we have had glowing results!

As we wrap up 2020 and finalize our 2021 business plans, I spent the weekend reviewing our clients’ results. Here are a few fun results to share with you.

On average, our clients achieved 2x MRR within 10 months:

  • CPG Company: $9.7M Starting Revenue, 1.5x MRR in 7 months, 2x MRR in 12 months

  • Digital Advertising Company: $15M Starting Revenue, 2x MRR in 8 months

  • Facilities Mgmt SaaS Company: $2.5M Starting Revenue, 2x MRR in 10 months

Their average annual investment of $220,000 yielded average annual revenue growth of $3.2M

  • CPG Company: $100k investment, $2.8M revenue growth

  • Digital Advertising Company: $350k investment, $4.5M revenue growth

  • Facilities Mgmt SaaS Company: $220k investment, $2.5M revenue growth

Knowing we do so much more than sales training and sales consulting, we decided it was time for a rebrand and to rename our company.

Excitingly, our new brand launches on December 11th.

I can’t wait to share, in detail, the meaning of our new name and our plans for 2021.

My encouragement for you is that you also spend time in reflection this month and make commitments for 2021… for all facets of your life. Personal, professional, mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Tap into who God created you to be.

Or as Dolly Parton put it, “Find out who you are and do it on purpose”.

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