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Million Dollar Butterflies: Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Where kids like you make your business dreams come true!

Youth Entrepreneurship Programs

for Kids 7-12

Our Program

MILLION DOLLAR BUTTERFLIES teaches business, money, and youth entrepreneurship to kids! Through our printable ebook, kids can learn life skills like critical thinking, risk-taking, and problem-solving through the principals of entrepreneurship! Kids across the world have taken our courses and they're building REAL businesses!

Pinwheel Kids

Entrepreneurship Program

for Teens Age 13-19

Our Program

Our focus is entrepreneurship for teens age 13-19. Although this program touches on important business and financial concepts, its purpose is to teach entrepreneurship which involves risk-taking, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. We teach them how to think, not what to think. Students and schools across the world have bought our book and experienced incredible results. You can now download our Launch Pad Entrepreneurship eBook for free!

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