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  • How CEOs Build High Performing Sales Teams

  • 2 Shockingly Simple Secrets to Unlocking High-Growth Sales

  • Leveraging Behavioral Intelligence to Grow & Scale Teams

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Two Shockingly Simple Secrets to

Unlocking High-Growth Sales

Length 60-120 Minutes (You Pick!)

A simple step by step sales approach that’s resulted in millions of revenue sold by Sales BQ® CEO, Mary Grothe, and dozens of Sales BQ® clients, all by shifting the mindset from “what you sell” to “why your clients buy”; proven for both entrepreneurs and sales teams of all sizes. Each attendee receives a Sales BQ® training workbook. This presentation is interactive, includes role play, and will leave a lasting impression on each attendee’s sales approach. The knowledge will be transferred into action immediately.

Each exercise is taught with an example… a story of the current situation and an example of a positive outcome by applying the knowledge. Then, attendees are guided through an exercise to chart out, describe, and write their existing sales process, approach, products / services they sell, etc. to help create a stronger sales approach specific to them. Reason is, most workshops have great content, but attendees do not have a chance to apply it immediately, as they learn it, therefore the retention is minimal. 

Every Sales BQ® workshop requires participation from attendees – they apply what they learn immediately, make it about them, and walk away with an approach they understand, they bought into, and can use IMMEDIATELY!

How CEOs Build High-Performing Sales Teams

Length  60-120 Minutes (You Pick!)

“Here’s your laptop, now go sell!” Those are the famous words of a frustrated CEO who just can’t seem to get their sales team selling! They’ve tried hiring in and out of industry, paying recruiters, joining sales meetings and helping to “close business”, and everything in between. Some of them have given up and are back to selling the product & services themselves… others are still stuck managing a non-performing team. Wherever they are on the spectrum, they’ll LOVE this keynote and learn:

1) How to BUILD a profitable sales engine with territories, market segmentation, sales activity plans, a sales playbook, comp models that incentivize high-performance, and a proven go-to-market strategy that will knock out the competition; 

2) How to HIRE A-level sales talent, not just the best available candidate, by learning how to define and source the ideal candidate play hard to get, and then screen them for their Selling Competencies and Sales DNA… only hiring those who can actually perform; 

3) How to DRIVE profitable revenue growth through fostering an environment of learning, training, coaching (not telling!), accountability, and motivation that drives quota-crushing performance. 

Each attendee will walk away with an actionable plan to (re)build their sales department and reach new levels of profitability in 2019!

The 3 Step Proven Sales Methodology to Becoming

A Million Dollar Producer

Length  60-120 Minutes (You Pick!)

Learn the proven step by step sales process and methodology created by Mary Grothe, that resulted in millions in revenue sold and multiple #1 and Top 10 finishes at Paychex, Inc. Attendees will learn:

1) TARGETING: How to profile before prospecting, a 16 touchpoint lead gen cadence, how to stand apart from the competition, and max out your calendar with qualified sales meetings; 

2) WINNING: What questions you should ask on a sales meeting; how to develop a custom needs analysis and demo for each prospect, and ensure all decision makers & influencers attend your critical meetings… making the close EASY! 

3) ACCELERATION: How to develop a proven account management strategy that retains clients and GROWS revenue through up-selling and seeking targeted, easy-to-close referrals! 

Each attendee will walk away with a step-by-step process and methodology to bring back to their sales teams and start winning more business immediately!

Leveraging Behavioral Intelligence to

Grow & Scale Teams

Length  60-120 Minutes (You Pick!)

Some sales reps on your team have the EQ and IQ to be top performers, but they still aren’t hitting quota. That’s where BQ comes into play. A person’s behavioral quotient determines how they show up and get the job done. One aspect to BQ is how someone is motivated. It’s important to determine if your reps are intrinsically motivated, extrinsically motivated, or altruistic. It’s critical that the environment they show up to everyday feeds their motivation. If you get to know your reps and how they’re motivated, your whole team can become elite performers. Motivation is one of the 21 Core Selling Competencies & Sales DNA discussed in this interactive workshop.

This session also covers: 

1) The Top 10 IQ and EQ skills that teams must possess to become top performers. 

2) The discussion is interactive, includes a workbook, and actionable takeaways to determine your team’s BQ, how to adjust your selling environment to match your team’s needs, and make decisions on recruiting high-performers moving forward.

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